Inspiring Financial Literacy And Career Skills

Inspiring Financial Literacy And Career Skills

Empowering underserved youth to successfully enter the workforce through financial literacy, career and internship preparation.


Believe and Inspire is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that connects underserved youths ages 15-21 with the tools and  support they need to prepare for the workforce and become self-sufficient. Since its early days in 2014, the non-profit has conducted expert-led workshops in Queens, New York, advising youth on topics like financial literacy, job searching and college applications. Initially starting with a small cohort of community workshops, growing demand across the city led Believe and Inspire to formalize their programming in 2018 with consistent, long-term offerings and enrollment 3 times per year.


Current programing by Believe and Inspire includes Financial Literacy, Job Readiness Program, College Admissions and  Life Skills workshops. Topics are regularly adapted to timely events such  as supporting  youth  who  lost  employment  during  the pandemic and need to prepare to re-enter the workforce . All workshops are  led  by industry  professionals, life coaches,  part-time  teachers and other sector experts who volunteer their time as mentors. Believe and Inspire currently serves students in over 20 New  York City schools.

We’re looking for Mentors and Volunteers who are college graduates or young professionals. 
If you are a senior in College or Grad School and would like to be a mentor or volunteer,
please email:


Believe & Inspire is led by the Board and Co-Founder and Executive Director, Annmarie Nowbath, who was inspired to create the non-profit after time interfacing with youths in the foster care system. In her conversations and experiences, she realized that many underserved youths lack resources to support them in their career journeys.
The Board at Believe & Inspire and leadership believe that it takes a village to raise a child.  The little things that children learn at a younger age they take with them well into their adult life.  Helping youths with financial literacy programs and career readiness is one of the ways that Believe & Inspire gives back to humanity.  We truly believe it is two of the foundational ways to prepare youths for a brighter future.