Inspiring Financial Literacy And Career Skills



Making a difference for under-served youth: one youth at a time

Believe and Inspire’s mission is to empower under-served youths to learn more about financial literacy, career and internship preparation, and other life skills to help them succeed long-term. 

Believe and Inspire is a non-profit organization that helps youth (ages 16-24) overcome obstacles, prepare for the workforce, and become self-sufficient. In 2014, Believe and Inspire started offering financial literacy workshops in Queens, NY by working with local communities, assisting, and advising youths about understanding financial literacy, searching for jobs, and going back to college. Then in 2018, the Believe and Inspire team formed a 501(c)(3) to start offering our programs on a more consistent, long-term basis.

Due to the recent pandemic, Believe and Inspire has also added other workshops to help other youths prepare to enter the workforce–and also youths who lost their jobs and are preparing to re-enter the workforce.