Inspiring Financial Literacy And Career Skills



“I learned about the world of finance and different ways to build wealth and achieve financial independence. It helped me start thinking differently and plan ahead.” Shafin S., Financial Literacy Program Spring ‘21


“I learned about college expectations as well as college writing techniques. All very useful and helpful!” Vivian F., College Admissions and Essay Writing Spring ‘21


“This program didn't feel like a dreadful class. It was actually fun!” Christine Ch., Financial Literacy Program Spring ‘21


“There are a lot of things I got out of the program- mainly professional requirements, interview tips, resume advice, etc. I learned a lot to help me venture out into the real world.” Michelle Z., Internship Preparation Program Spring ‘21


“It really gave me an idea of the financial pitfalls that I'm gonna be going up against when I'm older. It's served really well as a guide on how to handle money.” Jaedon A., Financial Literacy Program Spring ‘21


“I really value the overall information on essay writing and what constitutes a good essay. I also liked the look at the college admissions system as a whole. This program was amazing.” Anisa P., College Admissions and Essay Writing Spring ‘21


 “I learned a lot about budgeting and credit cards and credit score. This program taught me that I should start taking initiative and work on getting my first credit card and start getting interest.” Stanley Z., Financial Literacy Program Spring ‘21


“Some key take away from this program was the resume and interview process as well as professionalism! I definitely did get a lot of value from this program and 100% recommend!!” Briana D., Internship Preparation Program Spring ‘21


“Something that I took away from this class was the value of not only money, but how important it is managing money. I learned that budgeting and other ways to manage money are very important and can you guide you to have a successful, balanced account.” Amber A., Financial Literacy Program Spring ‘21


“I learned new things that would be useful in my actual life especially during the lesson about credit cards. I like the mini games we did and it gave me a real world example of how things may play out” Suwen L., Financial Literacy Program Spring ‘21


“I was able to learn what I should do during my junior and senior years of high school. Like taking tests. Also I learned what and what not to write in any of my college essays. We revised them, we got feedback and how to make them better. A few colleges, that students in the class were interested in, came to speak to us about their schools and I found that very helpful and kind.” Estefania S., College Admissions and Essay Writing Spring ‘21


“I really enjoyed this program and having the opportunity to be a part of this, I would continue to do what you are doing!” Gabriela A., Internship Preparation Program Spring ‘21


“I've learned a lot about budgeting, credit/debit cards, and mortgages. The presentations were very good, and the information was laid out in a simple way. I learned how to apply this to my own life.” Lamia H., Financial Literacy Program Spring ‘21


“I learned about properly presenting and marketing yourself (etiquette, confidence, resumes, etc) and to not give up on opportunities. I learned so much in this program, thank you!” Maya, Internship Preparation Program Spring ‘21