Inspiring Financial Literacy And Career Skills


This video is a testimony from one of our students.

“I learned how to be more confident and how to spend money responsibly.” Life Skills & Financial Literacy Program participant

“I feel this program was very valuable for me to do. I learned that creating a resume was both simple and straightforward to do. I also learned some sources (that I did not know existed) to which I can search for different internships to do. This was very important to me because it gives me a backbone as to where I can search for not only internships but maybe even jobs! That's just really amazing! I'm happy that I took this program because I gained so many skills that I never knew I could get! My favorite was the confidence session with the guest speaker (sorry couldn't quite remember her name! I think it was Holland?). The things she spoke about from body language to the rules of presenting yourself correctly really hit home base for me. Personally, I have trouble building up my self–esteem and at times my confidence as well. I really loved that session on a personal level because it showed me that I can change. Not that I can't.” Internship Preparation Program participant

“I learned how to manage my budget and spend the right amount on things I would need. I learned that I should have an account in my bank with emergency money because you never know when you might need it. You should think of the future and what are your goals in life. Also work hard for what you want.” Life Skills & Financial Literacy Program participant

“This program was very, very helpful. I have more knowledge on internships and I have more confidence because of everything I have learned and was suggested.” Internship Preparation Program participant

“I tremendously learned a lot from attending this program. I learned skills that I will use for the rest of my teen and adult hood. In the program we leaned a wide array of subjects from financial literacy, self confidence and how one can present themselves in order to be perceived to the highest standards when the occasion and opportunity calls for it. These skills I gained from this program are sadly skills that aren’t taught in school for are essential for teens and adults to understand and comprehend in order to live a more fruitful and successful life in whatever path they pursue.” Life Skills & Financial Literacy Program participant

“It honestly prepared me for the future. My favorite values would be how to interact in workplace and the resume that I had made for this program is what I am using everywhere. So thanks to you guys!” Internship Preparation Program participant