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Remaining Motivated in Challenging times

Remaining Motivated in Challenging times

As we find ourselves in the winter months, it can be challenging to stay focused on goals and our everyday tasks. Also, the pandemic combined with virtual or hybrid schools can cause a lack of motivation. However, staying driven is critical in being successful even when there are times that you may become discouraged to reach goals. You must be aware of any feelings of disconnect so you can overcome them. Here are four easy steps to help you stay motivated:   

  1. Create a Dream Board – Various studies published by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and the University of California both reveal that when people create vision boards and truly visualize their goals, they are more likely to happen. When you build a dream board, it helps reenergize your emotions and drive. By looking at the possibilities of what you want in the future, it helps create motivational energy. Hanging your dream board in a spot where you can see it often will encourage you to continue as well! 
  • Talk to Friends/ Family- Refueling your passion can be reinforced just by a simple conversation with friends and family. Let your family and friends know how it is going with staying focused on your goals. Be open to any advice or questions friends and family may have. 
  • Ask for Help– While many people want to complete tasks and goals by themselves, it is good to know when to ask for help. It is necessary to use resources wisely to remain dedicated to your goals. Asking for help can be as simple talking to a mentor and getting a new perspective or advice that can take you a long way. 
  • Create a Schedule– By establishing a routine, dedicating time for yourself and your goals, you create lasting habits that establish success. Schedules are beneficial because it helps avoid burnout and fatigue. Routine also allows time for other tasks and time for exploration that helps keep you curious. 

Overall, the most critical factor is remembering your “why”. Everyone has a reason for goals and decisions. By just thinking and talking about your passion, it helps push your intrinsic motivation. Be sure that you are pursuing goals that are meaningful to you. Here at Believe & Inspire, we provide students with the tools, skills, and resources to stay motivated and reach goals! If you would like to attend one of the upcoming classes feel free to check out the schedule here or email 

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