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Managing Holiday Stress

Tips to Managing Holiday Stress

The holiday season is often a time that should be surrounded by hope, joy, excitement, and new beginnings. However, the holiday season is also a time of stress for many. Numerous people may deal with financial, family, or personal issues which adds more stress to the holiday season. Also, the increasing numbers and long term fatigue of the pandemic may add to more hardship. It is central to avoid peaking your stress levels because then stress becomes harder to manage. Here are four tips for dealing with holiday stress:

Acknowledge Your Feelings and Reach Out: The holiday season may have you feeling down about not being able to be with family or stressed about finding the perfect gift. Take this opportunity to acknowledge your feelings. By recognizing your emotions and what your grief may be about, you can take the time to heal. This also allows you to reach out to others. By reaching out to close family, friends, or even a professional, you can take a step to improve your feelings.

Strengthen Your Healthy Habits: This is a time to stick and be diligent about all healthy habits. This includes continuing a healthy diet and working out, even if it means taking a walk in the park or around in your neighborhood. Avoid overeating and fast food during this time which leads to weight gain and mood changes. Be careful to avoid oversleeping or sleeping too little.

Stick to a Budget: The holidays can be a financial strain for many. One can easily overspend and deplete their money easily during holiday shopping. The pressure to find a perfect gift or a more expensive one can increase stress levels and leave you feeling defeated. Having a budget ahead of time and shopping smart can help decrease levels of stress. You can also think about more meaningful gifts that are homemade to give to family and friends.

Take a Break and Recharge: Often, the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the holiday season can leave you feeling exhausted and deflated. It is okay to make time to find something you want to do by yourself. Taking a break from various holiday activities and the pressure can help you reset and feel refreshed. As you recharge, think about future goals that you might want to accomplish.

The holiday stress can take a toll on one’s wellbeing mentally and physically. Thus, it is critical to pay attention and be aware of how the holidays might be affecting you. It is essential to keep in mind that the season is not about the best gift or showing off. The season is one of hope, kindness, and thankfulness so, keep those ideas in mind. Remember that the foundation of the season is showing kindness which includes being kind to yourself. 

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