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Importance of navigating college admissions with ease and clarity

Importance of navigating college admissions with ease and clarity

Nearly 10.2 million students are applying for college each year (Pew Research Center). This considerable number of applicants demonstrates the desire for students to want to further their education. Education is a powerful tool that students use to better themselves. However, navigating the college admissions process can be extremely difficult for students.

Each college is unique in its program offerings that it can be overwhelming for students to decide which college they want to attend. When students finally select a handful of colleges to apply to, it can be challenging to understand the admissions process. Thus, a college admissions program can help alleviate anxiety and confusion surrounding the process. When students enroll in the college admissions program, students can expect to leave the class with the


  • How to research colleges and compare
  • Knowledge of the financial aid process and scholarship opportunities
  • Two colleges essays completed with feedback
  • A personal statement
  • Completed Brag Sheets

For the duration of the college admissions program, students can have someone guide them through the process. Students gain exposure to how to explore a college and its offerings. Students examine what features a student needs to succeed in college. Each college offers a variety of majors but also academic help. The difference in each college could be internship requirements, free tutoring, advising, a career center, and much more. Through a college admission program, students learn which college aspects they need to succeed in college and how to find them through the college search.

More importantly, through the program, students can craft several writing requirements of the application. Students will write two college essays and learn the components of a strong essay. Also, students learn how to ask for recommendation letters and complete brag sheets. Students gain the tools they need to succeed in applying and being accepted into college. More importantly, students gain the confidence to continue their college journey. 

At the beginning of high school, students must focus on maintaining good grades and cultivating strong relationships with teachers. By students fostering strong relationships, engaging in opportunities, and sustaining positive grades, students are investing in their future. By managing strong relationships students will not only have a strong role model but an ally for the college decision process.

This can lead to an easier time asking for recommendation letters which are essential to college applications. Sophomore and junior years are critical to starting the college exploration process. Students will be able to know and plan for which college they want to attend. While this not only allows a student to better understand which college they want to attend but helps avoid students transferring colleges or changing majors.

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